• Pixieu is the first Smart Locator, we not only track your valuable but we interact with the object and give smart notifications based on the configuration of the valuable.
      • Very smart, we give you a set of predefined profiles to be used with the app, umbrella profile, kitchen profile, and others, but also give you the ability to create new profiles using features and sensors to make your own smart definition.  
      • In the first goals we define that the device will come with an changeable standard battery, after a couple of goals we make it rechargable because waste is not good for the planet.
      • We are talking about many sensors, depends of the goal, temperature around sensor, humidity sensor, gps, we will be adding others sensors depends of the goal and the features that we can provide. You can basically integrate this sensors in different profiles.
      • Many of the features that we are adding to the system are related with make you live easy, % of rain, temperature over the day, % of humidity, this will allow you to integrate it with alert and object, the umbrella smart locator, warm clothes.
      • Most of the iPhone and Android phones.

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